Khoharullah Majid, who played the strong but silent lead character, Ali, in Silat Warriors: Deed of Death, took the time answer a few questions about Malaysian Silat and his role in the film, which debuted on on Well Go USA’s Hi Yah TV platform earlier this month.


FFD: I really enjoyed your performance in Silat Warriors: Deed of Death. Can you explain about your background in sliat?

Khoharullah Majid: I was born into the Malaysian martial arts family of Silat Gayong. I started learning Silat very early at only 4 years old. I was taught by father, Dato Raja Abdul Majid, and my siblings, Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi and Lekir, as well as my cousin, Mazran. I have represented Malaysia in a number of international competitions, including the 2003 Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam, the Belgium World Open, France World Open and Asian Pacific Masters Games.


FFD: How were you approached to do the film?

Khoharullah Majid: I accepted the opportunity to be a part of this project because I have long dreamed of a film that highlights martial arts, especially silat. This is the best way to elevate silat as a martial arts in the eyes of the world.

FFD: Growing up were you a fan of martial arts films? If so, who were/are some of your favorite martial arts stars?

Khoharullah Majid: My idols are Tony Ja and Jackie Chan. In Malaysia, they are Eman Manan and Zambri Othman.

FFD: With the international popularity of Indonesian films such as The Raid and The Raid: Redemption did you feel a strong need to represent Malaysian Silat and its characteristics?

Khoharullah Majid: In my opinion, we need to highlight our culture, traditions and the reality of life in Malaysia.


FFD: How much input did you have in the fight scenes?

Khoharullah Majid:In Geran, I was involved in 10 fight scenes.





FFD: The reception has been great for Silat Warriors: Deed of Death. Are you surprised at the positive reaction from audiences in the US and Canada?

Khoharullah Majid: I was very surprised by the positive response from U.S. and Canadian audiences because I really did not expect that to happen with this film project., I am very grateful to God for fulfilling my dream of introducing silat to the world and telling them that Malaysia has silat.

FFD: Are there videos on You Tube, for example, of your silat fights?

Khoharullah Majid: You can watch my videos on YouTube, “Seni Pakar Tempur Dunia,” “Parang Berapi,” “Kersani” and many more…I don’t remember. 🤣


FFD: Can fans follow you on social media?

Khoharullah Majid: I welcome the fans who want to follow me on social media because I’m friendly 😊 kikikikiki


FFD: The last fight scene in Silat Warriors: Deed of Death is brutal (in a good way). How long did it take to film it and what were some of the challenges filming such a long fight?

Khoharullah Majid: The final action scene took about 8 days of filming in a rice factory and it was very challenging to cope with exhaustion because we filmed the fight scenes between 10 to 12 hours every day until I finally collapsed after falling from the factory’s machinery.




Film Fan Dojo: Thank you Khoharullah for taking the time to talk with us. We really loved your performance and hope to see you in more films!!!

A: Thank you also for interviewing me and for enjoying my performance in the film. God willing, we will continue by producing Geran 2 with even more intense action and original silat moves.


This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.