Lau Kar Leung, Lau Kar Wing, and Lau Kar Fai(Gordon Liu) are household names when it comes to Classic Kung Fu cinema. Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Fai are permanently etched in many fans’ mind as Shaw Brothers stars. There were times (before Shaw Brothers permanently closed down its movie productions) that the Lau Brothers ventured outside of Shaw Studios to film and choreograph some great Kung Fu movies.

The Lau Ga Ban Or Liu’s Stuntmen are credited as action directors on five Kung Fu productions. There are other films that have the mark of Lau Kar Wing, Lau Kar Fai, and Lau Kar Leung in some combination ( Kar Wing and Kar Leung, for example) that bare the distinct mark of a “Lau Brothers” film. Here’s a list of the Top Five Lau Brothers “Indy”  Films. These films resulted in some great Kung Fu and helped the independent ( neither Golden Harvets nor Shaw Brothers) Kung Fu movies scene flourish in terms of creativity, name value, and superbly choreographed action.

Here are five Non-Shaw Lau Brothers Films:


5. Breakout From Oppression  

This is Gordon Liu’s ( Lau Kar Fai) first starring vehicle. Co-directed by Lau Kar Leung and featuring some nifty Lau-style fight scenes.

4. Dirty Kung Fu

Starring Wong Yu and action courtesy of the Lau Brothers and a script by the prolific Ni Kuang ( I Kuang).


3.  Carry on Wise Guy

Lau Kar Fai and Lau Kar Wing join forces along with some of the best stuntmen in the business to produce some spectacular fights!


2. Shaolin and Wu Tang

A Gordon Liu directed and Lau Kar Leung  choreographed Kung Fu fest  featuring Adam Cheng, the mystique of Shaolin and Wu Tang, and Wang Lung Wei as the villain!


1. Fists and Guts

Lau Kar Wing directed and Lau Kar Leung choreographed film featuring Lau Kar Fai ( Gordon Liu) as a Shaolin Monk and the immortal Lo Lieh as the Tibetan Monk fighting over a secret map. The end fight is fantastic and bears the signature of Lau Kar Leung. Superb movie!

Dojo Bonus


He Has Nothing But Kung Fu

Lau Kar Fai, Wong Yu, Karl Maka, Wilson Tong, Lee Hoi San, and Chiang Tao star in this Lau Kar Wing kung fu extravaganza!