What would a good Kung Fu movie be without a bad guy?  Probably very boring! The hero needs a mean, despicable, and skillful villain to  kick and knock around. With the countless Kung Fu and martial arts films that have been produced many bad guys have graced the screen; only a few however stand out as some bad a** bad guys. The Film Fan Dojo has gone through a rigorous movie watching schedule to bring you the top five bad a** bad guys!


5.  Fung On Hak 

fung on hak

This bad guy butt-kicker has been the nemesis of screen heroes Sammo Hung, Casanova Wong, Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu and many others. His Northern Mantis showcase in Warriors Two cemented his status as a bad a** bad guy!


4.  Bolo Yeung


Bolo has been menacing screen heroes from Bruce Lee to JCVD making him a bad guy that has been a force to reckon with fore many, many years. To get more of a perspective on Bolo check out our friends over at Gym Talk for an interesting insight into the muscle monster.


3. Lo Lieh

lo lieh as bai mei

Lo Lieh has been on both sides of the fence: he has portrayed a hero and a villain. His work as Bai Mei in Executioners From Shaolin  earned him a spot as one of the best butt-kicking bad guys out there.  His work in Mad Monkey Kung Fu was also tremendous as well as Fists of the White Lotus!

2. Wang Lung Wei

wang lung wei

Wang Lung Wei is so frickin’ fantastic as a villain that it’s unbelievable! He was the Shaw Brothers go to bad guy during the classical Kung Fu era. He has fought Gordon Liu, Lo Meng, Kara Hui Ying Hung, Lau Kar Leung, and countless others. Wang’s Kung Fu was very precise and as a true practitioner he looked every bit the bad a** villain he portrayed.


1. Hwang Jang Lee


Hwang Jang Lee is one oft he greatest kickers to ever grace the Kung Fu screen! His kicks were responsible for taking out two of Jackie Chan’s teeth during filming of Snake in the Eagles’ Shadow! He has been the gatekeeper that many heroes have had to pass through to get to their goal. As Silver Fox in Secret Rivals he was at his apex of evil and butt-kicking. With his superb Tae Kwon Do skills (9th degree black belt) and the character name “Thunderkick ” from Drunken Master he is the ultimate movie bad a** bad guy!