As you can guess, at The Film Fan Dojo we are fans of Wang Tao and his movies. Wang Tao, in my opinion, should be ranked up there with the best old school kung fu screen fighters. As fans we discover or re-discover movies or new perspectives on stars, directors, fight directors, stunt men, and leading ladies as our viewing eyes mature. For us, Wang Tao fall into this category. As a kid, I watched his movies but was more into Shaw Brothers and, of course, the members of the Venom Mob were my favorites. As I have matured and opened my mind within our beloved Kung Fu film genre I have come to have more of an appreciation for movies outside the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest realm. Wang Tao movies fall into this category. For me, my all time favorite Wang Tao film is Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists. I Love the characters, fight scenes, Chang Yi as Chung Tung, and the end especially. With that said I have watched quite a few Wang Tao films  and as I think he is sometimes underrated in the Kung fu Film world here is my Dojo Five list: The Top Five Underrated Wang Tao films. Enjoy!

5. Eagle’s Claw

eagle's claw

Directed by Lee Tso Nam starring Wang Tao, Chi Kuan Chun, and Chang Yi- The evil Mantis Master kills the Eagle Claw school Master and his two senior students must get revenge before the Mantis Master destroys the Eagle’s Claw forever.



4. Phantom Kung Fu


Starring Wang Tao and Chang Yi- Cha Ta Chu is given a mission by the Ching Government to find a precious manuscript which leads him to fight against the Ming Union who are trying to restore the Ming Government and overthrow the Ching.


3. Adventure for Imperial Treasure


Starring Wang Tao and Lung Fei-  The battle for imperial treasure is on as Feng Ko goes on the hunt after suspected thief Li Lin.


2. Ten Brothers of Shaolin

ten brothers of Shaolin

The great combo of Wang Tao and Chang Yi!


1. Death Duel of Kung Fu


Starring Wang Tao and John Liu- An undercover assassin for the Ming loyalists kills an important Manchu General and a Mantis Kung Fu expert is assigned to track him down before he reaches his destination.