Dojo Podcast: Sifu Cliff

Hello fellow Kung Fu Film fans and welcome to another Dojo Podcast! Wing Chun Master, creator and promoter of The Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo Sifu Cliff Kupper joins us today to discuss Martial Arts, Kung Fu movies, Bruce Lee, Wing Chun training,  Ip Man real life vs Ip Man in the movies, skateboarding and more. Sifu Cliff is a passionate and interesting person who was a lot of fun to talk with. Sit back and enjoy Dojo Podcast #2: Sifu Cliff and check the links below for more information on what we discussed on the Podcast. Please subscribe to The Film Fan Dojo on iTunes or subscribe via RSS feed. Thanks and enjoy!


Master Ip Man (click on picture for an interesting article on the life of Ip Man)




Sifu Jose Colon

Sifu Cliff


Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo (click on banner for event page)

chinese Kungfuexpo9


Global Proving Ground



Warrior Island Comic


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