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Floyd Webb and The Search for Count Dante


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Floyd Webb is an internationally known filmmaker whose credits include producer on Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust (1992), The World of Nat King Cole (2006), and has worked on Amen Ra film company’s ( owned by Wesley Snipes) Egyptology documentary featuring noted Egyptologist Josef Ben Jochanna as well as a multitude of other multimedia projects. For a full career biography visit Floyd’s website here. Floyd has been working on a documentary on the controversial Karate Master John Keehan aka Count Dante. Mr. Webb is also an avid movie fan (yes that includes Kung fu and Samurai movies) has trained in Karate and Tai Chi ( which he will be revisiting soon) and is an all around knowledgeable, cool guy. We talk about Counte Dante, the trials and tribulations of making this film, a possible release date for the documentary, and how Dante challenged the status quo in the martial arts scene of the 1950’s thorough the 1970’s.

Floyd Webb’s Website

The Search For Count Dante

The Search For Counte Dante Blog

Excerpts from The Search For Count Dante

For more information, clips, etc subscribe to Floyd Webb’s You Tube Page and check out some of Floyd’s other videos on his Vimeo Page.

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