Dojo Tribute: Wang Tao


One of the most prolific actors in the Kung Fu genre has to be Wang Tao. From his debut in Slaughter in San Francisco to The Hot, The Cool, and The Vicious as well as numerous others Wang Tao has made a deep impact on the Kung Fu film industry. Wang Tao helped put Taiwanese made Kung Fu films on the map and when I saw his name on the film I knew I would enjoy it. His screen prescience along with good martial arts skills made his movies enjoyable. The “team up” films he starred in are typically listed as classics among Kung Fu movie buffs. Challenge of Death, Shaolin Iron Claws, and Ten Brothers of Shaolin come to mind.

Although Wang primarily used his hands in the movies he actually comes from a Tae Kwon Do background. On the set of the classic Secret Rivals, fight director Tommy Lee is credited with shaping Wang Tao’s “Southern Fist” persona (one that stuck with him throughout his Kung Fu movie career). Wang Tao still appears in Hong Kong movies and still carries the screen prescience which made him a favorite among fans of the Kung Fu film genre. The Film Fan Dojo thanks Wang Tao for entertaining us for many years and wish him the best of health, success, and good fortune.