A Film Fan Dojo Exclusive!

R4FILMS, LLC, Deviant Children Productions and Team One Take Action Design have teamed up to bring martial arts and action movie fans a new film that promises to be on fire! “Jundando con Fuego,” directed by the award-winning Nicholas Ortiz (Black Betty), boasts a cast of Indy action heavy hitters including Jose Manuel (The Man from Kathmandu) and Hector Soria (Made in Chinatown).

Jugando con Fuego is the story of James Forge (Robert Samuels), a former C.I.A Agent whose covert operation in New York goes bad.  The notorious Tony Lobo’s (Hector Soria) wife and child are killed in the operation. Forge is forced to retire and moves to Mexico with his wife. Tony Lobo finds out that James Forge and his wife are in Mexico and sends his hit squad to exact revenge! Filming is happening right now and Jugando con Fuego is due out soon. Stay tuned to Film Fan Dojo for more updates on and Jugando con Fuego!

Film Fan Dojo recently spoke with Sifu Robert Samuels (Shadow Fist, Made in Chinatown), who stars in Jugando con Fuego and he graciously provided some behind-the-scenes photos from the film. Check them out below.



Photos courtesy of Robert Samuels, R4FILMS, LLC