Dojo Tribute: Robert “Bobby” Samuels


(photo courtesy of Robert Samuels)

Sifu Robert Samuels is a man of many firsts. He was the first African American member of the prestigious Hon Kong Stuntman Association, the first African-American to play the lead  in a Hong Kong romantic comedy, My Mistress, My Wife, and he is the only American disciple of the great Sammo Hung. Sifu Robert or “Bobby” has worked with HK movie icons such as Jackie Chan, Yuen Wo Ping, Sammo Hung, Collin Chou,  Lo Mang, Alfred Cheung, and many others. Mr. Samuels also assembled the first team of foreign stunt men, the G-7, and worked with Yuen Wo Ping behind the scenes on the Matrix movies.  Sifu Samuels has worked as 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator on music videos for artists such as Dru Hill, DMX, EVE, Mos Def, just to name a few. He is set to debut as a director in his upcoming film Beast, and is a member of Philly’s Blue Phoenix Entertainment.

Sifu Samuels’s martial arts pedigree is also to be admired. He was initially trained in Hung Gar by Sifu Maurice Tunstall. Bobby went on to train with people such as Cho Wing, Lau Kar Wing, Grandmaster Lo (Monkey Style), Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling, and Sifu Mark Houghton ( who is a disciple of Master Lau Kar Leung). Mr. Samuels is a pioneer in so many areas in the Hong Kong film industry and is also one helluva a nice guy. The Film Fan Dojo wishes to salute Sifu Robert “Bobby” Samuels: He has played a pivotal role in my creation of this blog ( he remains an inspiration) and of our enjoyment of Hong Kong action movies. You can find out more about him at his website

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