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Fellow Into the Badlands fans Season 3 is almost upon us! On April 22nd, Into the Badlands returns for season 3. This time we are getting more episodes, new characters, new storylines and new fight scenes! Some of our favorites are back Sunny, Bajie, The Widow, Tilda and M.K. They are joined by new characters such as The Pilgrim, Cressida(Lorriane Toussaint), Nix, Gaius ( Lewis Tan), as well as characters introduced in Season 2 like Nathaniel Moon ( who had one of the best fight scenes with Sunny) and Baron Chou have expanded roles.

Into the Badlands promises a much wider look at the post-apocalyptic world that is its setting, more furious fight scenes ( the best fight scenes on TV in my opinion) and a new set of elements that put our heroes into more precarious situations, hopefully answers questions and creates more questions. If you want to catch up on Season 2 before the premiere of Season 3 click here.