Robert (Bobby) Samuels and R4 Films  set the Indy action and old-school kung fu movie fans on fire with the production of Shadow Fist. The return to Shaw Brothers-style fight scenes in Shadow Fist was a welcome break from the highly edited, camera-shifting formula of most modern fight scenes from America and China. It should come as no surprise since one of Samuels’ favorite movies is the Shaw Brothers classic Five Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer). Sifu Samuels appeared both in front of and behind the camera as he took on the role of fight director for the short film. The move paid off, as positive comments flooded R4 Films’ You Tube Channel clamoring for more. Samuels and R4 Films Robert Jefferson constantly listen to their fans and shortly after Shadow Fist dropped they announced Shadow Fist 2 was going to begin production in 2021.

Film Fan Dojo recently spoke with Sifu Samuels about Shadow Fist 2 and he described it as “kung fu noir.” He even generously shared some behind-the-scenes photos from filming, which began on April 24th. Other details we know so far is the cast includes Marco ‘Da Answer’ Johnson (Beast, The Legend of Kung Funk), Andre Duza (Shadow Fist), Anthony Scanish and Lugiase Skittles, all accomplished martial artists and stunt performers. And judging by the photos, the kung fu is going to be plentiful, painstakingly choreographed — and filled with axes!

With a pedigree that includes mastery of Hung Gar Kung Fu, being the first and only African-American member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association (H.K.S.A.), working with some of the biggest names in HK action cinema and the honor of being the only American disciple of kung fu movie legend Sammo Hung, Sifu Samuels is seeking to forge a path here in the West. Film Fan Dojo will continue to cover Shadow Fist 2: Axe Gang  and the other projects of R4 Films.

Stay tuned!

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EXCLUSIVE Behind-the-Scenes Photos