Dojo Tribute: Chen Kuan Tai


One of the most beloved actors of the Classic Kung Fu era without a doubt is Chen Kuan Tai (Chen Koon Tai). Chen Kuan Tai has played some of the most famous Chinese folk heroes and martial artists such as Hung Shi Kwan( Executioners of Shaolin), Lu Ah Tsai ( Challenge of the Masters),and Ma Yung Chen (Boxer from Shangtung). Kuan Tai brought emotion and great facial expressions to his movie roles. As a staple of Classic Kung Fu cinema, Chen Kuan Tai is synonymous with dignity and quality kung fu films. Kuan Tai, the 1969 Kung Fu champion of South Asia, was one of the few legitimate martial artists in the Shaw Brothers stable. He studied the Monkey Fist and you can see the form and precision that he brings to his fight scenes.

He made a name for himself outside of the Shaw Brothers studio system in movies such as Iron Monkey and Iron Monkey Strikes Back where he showcases his incredible and legitimate kung fu. Not content with always being the hero, Kuan Tai has played some notorious villains such as Dao Tian Du in Crippled Avengers, the arrogant rich kung fu master in Human Lanterns, and Ti Lung’s rival in Opium and the Kung Fu Master. Additionally, he has directed, choreographed, and produced some classics in Hong Kong cinema. Chen Kuan Tai’s work is prolific and stands the test of time. He is still involved in creating Kung fu magic and can be seen in the kung fu comedy Gallants (2010) and in the remake of Boxer from Shantung, 2014’s Once Upon a Time in Shanghai. The Film Fan Dojo would like to extend a big thank you to Sifu Chen Kuan Tai for his contributions, passion, and hard work in bringing us some of the finest performances in Martial Arts movies. With a career that has spanned 45 years Chen Kuan Tai is a legend and one of my favorite Kung Fu superstars. Thank you Sifu Chen Kuan Tai from the Film Fan Dojo!

Selected Filmography

Invincible Monkey Fist

Killer Constable

The Flying Guillotine

Heroes Two

I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad