Countdown to Chinese New Year*: day 2 is here! As a Shaw Brothers  kung fu film fan (and I hope you are too) no other ensemble of actors have had the worldwide reaction quite like The Venom Mob. These highly skilled acrobats and kung fu fighters have been capturing our imagination for over 30  years! Their movies were known highly complex choreography, impressive acrobatics, and some great, albeit crazy kung fu storylines. The Film Fan Dojo salutes the Venom Mob with the Top Five Venom Mob movies who must see.

5. Invincible Shaolin

4.  Masked Avengers

3. Kid With the Golden Arms

2. Crippled Avengers

1. Five Venoms

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*note: We at the Film Fan Dojo highly respect Chinese culture and her people. These posts are merely to be taken as entertainment and fun. Chinese culture is much more than kung fu movies and martial arts. We wish everyone a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!