Without a doubt Shaw Brothers kung fu  movies have influenced American Pop Culture in a  way that no one would’ve predicted.  Elements of movies ( Quentin Tarantino and countless others), Hip Hop music ( Wu Tang Clan immediately comes to mind), clothing, comic books, TV shows ( for example Avatar the Last Airbender),  have all been shaped by Shaw Brothers kung fu movies.

One of the most powerful ingredients in the Shaw formula has been it’s diabolically wicked villains. None other spring to mind quite like the Taoist priest Pai Mei (white eyebrow). Executioners from Shaolin highlights the evil brilliance that is Pai Mei (as played by the legend Lo Lieh).  The character was even revived by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill part 2 (played by another Shaw legend Gordon Liu)! Clan of the White Lotus introduces us to Pai Mei’s classmate White Lotus (played by Lo Lieh) who is just as evil, arrogant, and deadly! Let’s start our countdown to Chinese New Year the right way and enjoy some truly evil  moments from Pai Mei and White Lotus!


Top Bai Mei Moments

Top White Lotus Moments

Clan of the White Lotus Trailer

Executioners from Shaolin Trailer


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*note: We at the Film Fan Dojo highly respect Chinese culture and her people. These posts are merely to be taken as entertainment and fun. Chinese culture is much more than kung fu movies and martial arts. We wish everyone a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!