Dojo Interview: Jae Lee, creator Kings Of Kung Fu

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Jae Lee is a 29 year old resident of New York City. Jae has a unique vision: Create a fighting game for fans of the Kung Fu film genre. He has a passion for Kung fu movies and he wants to give back to the genre and the fans in a unique manner. Jae has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the production of the game Kings of Kung Fu. Jae is a humble, yet creative guy. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the Film Fan Dojo. Read, enjoy, and learn about his vision of the Ultimate Fighting game for Kung Fu Film fans!

Film Fan Dojo: When did your love of kung fu movies manifest?
Jae Lee: It started as a child. My father grew up in the 70’s so he exposed my brothers and I to kung fu cinema pretty early.

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Film Fan Dojo: What attracts you to the kung fu film?
Jae Lee: The artistry, choreography, the heroic plots, and the discipline that is needed to execute the martial arts.

Film Fan Dojo: Name your five favorite kung fu film directors.
Jae Lee: Lau Kar Leung, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chang Chen and Shigehiro Ozawa.

Film Fan Dojo: Name your five favorite characters from kung fu movies.
Jae Lee: Leroy Green, Mr. Lee (Enter The Dragon ), Master Chen (Mad Monkey), San Te ( 36 Chambers), Terry (The Street Fighter ).

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Film Fan Dojo: What led you to the concept for Kings of Kung fu?
Jae Lee: I always wanted to see a video game form of martial arts films. I wanted a game to have everything from the sound effects, fighting styles, and set pieces that you would find in films. I also wanted to add some innovation to the fighting game genre in the form of dynamic blocking. This feature executed by two skilled players can make the match flow resembling something you’d see in a typical martial arts film.

Film Fan Dojo: As an independent game developer do you feel like a trailblazer in the fighting game genre?
Jae Lee: Not really! LOL. I am in my little humble indie corner.

Film Fan Dojo: Who and/or what has influenced your game design?
Jae Lee: That’s an interesting question since the game is early in production. I would say that I take inspiration from everything I come across from music to movies.

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Film Fan Dojo: Have you ever studied any martial arts?
Jae Lee: No but I always wanted to LOL.

Film Fan Dojo: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Jae Lee?
Jae Lee: A typical day in the life of Jae Lee would be get up at 7 shower, eat and work until I fall asleep, LOL, which usually is around 4 in the morning!

Film Fan Dojo: What is your ultimate goal in creating Kings of Kung Fu?
Jae Lee: I want to create the ultimate Kung Fu film inspired fighting game that the fans have been dreaming of for years.

Film Fan Dojo: When is the target release date for Kings of Kung Fu?
Jae Lee: The target date is Quarter 2 2015.

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Film Fan Dojo: How can we as Kung Fu fans help make Kings of Kung fu a reality?
Jae Lee: The best way to help this dream game become a reality would be to visit the Kickstarter page and donate. The link address is listed below.

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