Dojo Tribute: The Spirit of Old School

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If you read this blog (and I hope you read this blog) you enjoy classic old school (and some new) Kung Fu and Martial Arts movies. Many times on a blog related to movies you will get reviews and opinions or even arguments and discussions about someone’s favorite actor, film, or martial arts superstar. That’s the beauty of the Kung Fu film fan; passionate love of the classic Kung Fu genre. There are just as many fans of the genre as ther are sub-genres within the main genre. Some of us love swordplay films such as Come Drink With Me, Golden Swallow, Dragon Gate Inn (the original), One Armed Swordsman; Some of us love the Chang Cheh adaptations of Louis Cha novels like Sword Stained with Royal Blood, Legend of the Fox, And Ode to Gallantry. I could go on and on trying to name the different styles of Martial Arts film, but you get the point: We Martial Arts movie fans are diverse in our tastes as well as our backgrounds.

Some of us are very creative. Take the Master over at with his incredible collection of great t-shirt styles that evn the great Hwang Jang Lee has worn! Another is my brother 100Proof who has produced a great mix tape based on the infamous Poison Clan from the Five Venoms movie ( he also runs a great website at I cannot forget my other brother Illmatical who produces on of the best web-comics around : Master Never and the Flow of Death. One of the best commentators on Kung Fu Cinema is my brother Christopher Smith who blogs over at Hai Karate and Kung Fu Too. Just like the spirit of the classic Kung Fu movies these brothers motivate and help each other ( and me too) because of the love for the films. Like the great “team up” movies shot on the lots of Shaw Brothers Studios these fellow film fans create magic based on the concept of teamwork while still keeping their individual flavors.

Additionally, the Internet has sparked another type of Martial Arts Movie fan. This type of fan has transmitted his/her love for the classic Kung Fu and Martial Arts film to platforms such as You Tube and Vimeo (just to name 2 out of a whole bunch). Sifu Frank Bolte is one of them. His Youtube channel is full of goodies such as Kwan Tak Hing black and white Wong Fei Hung serials, Kung Fu movies in both English and German, his Mo Gwoon ( martial arts club or school) demos, and his own homage to Old Shcool Kung Fu movies, The Tigress from Hannover series. Sifu Frank will talk about those more in depth on the next addition of the Dojo Podcast-stay tuned!

Another Old School Kung Fu movie fan turned Kung Fu Master is Sifu Cliff. Sifu Cliff has turned his love for martial arts film into a nine year (and counting) Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo, a soon to be released film entitled The Martialist, as well as projects which include a program called Warrior Island. Sifu Cliff was a guest on the Dojo Podcast where he speaks about his passion for the Old School movies and his real life Kung Fu experiences. Check it out here.

Another fellow Kung Fu movie fan who has taken his love for the movies and lived a life based on the principles of these movies is Sifu Shannon Roxborough who writes for this blog. He is known as the Wandering Sage! His love of Old School Kung Fu movies took him on a 2 year journey to Taiwan and Mainland China in the late 1980’s. He found many adventures, met some famous Kung fu movie stars such as Jackie Chan and Liu Hao Yi. He will soon be bringing the Taoist healing arts to the public in the form of Taoist Yoga and traditional Chinese Herbal Liniments.

These people I have listed are but a few of the many Kung Fu film fans who have used the Old School Kung Fu movies to motivate themselves to better and more fulfilling lives. And to me that’s the Spirit of the Old School! Check these people out and search out other people ( and there are many) who are doing great work based on the vibe of Old School Kung Fu films. There is music (check out the Jade Badger on Bandcamp), movie review sites, magazines, and may other great things people are doing to promote Old School Kung Fu Cinema. Enjoy them and enjoy being a fan to the GREATEST genre of film: KUNG FU MOVIES!

Peace out,

The Dojo Caretaker


The Tigress from Hannover parts 1 and 2