Chang Cheh  a prolific director, writer, Wu Xia Pian and Kung Fu movie genius was known for his ability to spot talent and put together great teams and ensemble actors stables. Some of Chang’s greatest accolades comes from his use of duos in the kung fu film. Two duos that come to mind are Ti Lung and David Chiang and Alexander Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan Chun (and other duos). Let’s take a look at my third day of bringing the Chinese New Year* by watching some cool dynamic duo films. Hey, want to watch some too, then check out my list!

Chang Cheh’s  Dynamic Duos

starring Ti Lung and David Chiang

Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan Chun

Fu Sheng and Chen Kuan Tai

*note: We at the Film Fan Dojo highly respect Chinese culture and her people. These posts are merely to be taken as entertainment and fun. Chinese culture is much more than kung fu movies and martial arts. We wish everyone a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!