Welcome to a new feature at Film Fan Dojo. If you are not familiar with the Wu Tang Collection, where have you been? If you love old-school kung fu movies then you need to check out the Wu Tang Collection on YouTube! Every Wednesday, Film Fan Dojo will share a select title from the collection, including some fun facts about the movie, its stars, action director and more. Now, without further ado, here’s our first Wu Tang Wednesday feature, The Lady Constables!

The Lady Constables

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Directed byChang Hsin-Yi

Starring Angela Mao, Chia Ling, Chang Yi, Yu Chung Chiu, Han Su,Shih Ting-Ken, Wang Kuan-Hsiung

Action director  

Ko Pao

Fun Facts: The action director in this film, Ko Pao directed seven kung fu films, including classics such as Shaolin Iron Claws, The Seven Commandments of Kung Fu, and Five Fighters from Shaolin. Co-star Chia Ling won a Golden Horse Special Jury Award for her role in the 1972 film Ren. Both Angela Mao and Chia Ling were classmates at the same Peking Opera school in Taiwan. This multi-talented cast has done many things in the Taiwanese action film industry. Co-star Wang Kuan-Hsuing (aka Champ Wang) wrote and directed the 1982 film Seven Steps to Showdown and the 1985 triad action film Yellow Skin.