Fight Scene Friday will be a weekly feature showcasing and discussing a fight scene from an old school kung fu movie (but maybe we will sneak in more modern stuff too). I will give a little background on the movie like main actors, director and fight choreographers who are the unsung heroes of this genre of film. Sometimes I will give notes on the fighting styles depicted in the fight scenes. 

Episode 1: Invincible Kung Fu Legs ( click on picture)

Episode 2: The Victim ( click on picture)

Episode 3: The Crane Fighter (click on picture)

Episode 4: Monkey Fist, Floating Snake (click on picture)

Episode 5: Kung fu vs Yoga ( click on picture)


Episode 6: Ninja in the Dragon’s Den ( click on picture)

Episode 7: Ninja in the Deadly Trap

Episode 8: Showdown at the Cotton Mill

Season 1 Recap


Season 2 Episode 1 The Power of the Southern Fist: Hung Gar