Hello fellow Kung fu movie fanatics! Here’s day 10 of our Christmas Countdown. So here we go! On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 10 Martial Arts documentaries(man, I can’t sing)!


10. Way of the Warrior (1983) -8 episode series from the BBC which covers martial arts such as Kung fu, Karate, Shorinjo Kempo, Escrima, Tai Chi Chuan, Kalari, and others. Excellent for learning about some more exotic martial arts, many which have influenced action and martial arts films.


9. The Warrior Within(1976)– A very good documentary which focuses on the many sides of the martial arts. Features Chuck Norris, Dan Inosanto, Thomas Le Puppet, Fumio Demura, Leung Shum, Moses Powell, and many others. A good look at the American Martial arts scene at the time.


8. The Art of Action, Martial Arts in the movies(2002)-A look at martial arts in the movies starting with the Chinese martial arts in silent film, Narrated by Samuel Jackson and featuring Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, and a host of others. Get your favorite drink, sit back , and be educated.


7. Budo: The Art of Killing (1979)– An informative documentary about the Japanese Martial Arts of Judo, Karate, Sumo, Iaido, Aikido, and Okinawan Kobudo. If you are a fan of Sonny Chiba movies, Japanese Samurai (who isn’t), and Japanese action  movies the this documentary will shed some light on the techniques and training methods of the famous Japanese martial warriors.


6. Chen Village– From Empty Mind Films come another well done documentary on Chinese Martial arts. Chen Village is the birthplace of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. Amazing footage, training sessions, conversations with foreign students. Click to view more or order here.


5. Wing Chun: The Science of Infighting– Bruce Lee’s mentor Sifu Wong Shun Leung is featured in a instructional dvd on the art that Bruce first formally studied. Not so much a documentary but an interesting look at Wing Chun and the man that had a great deal of influence over a young Bruce Lee.


4. This is Kung Fu– A film about Contemporary Wushu ( martial arts) in Mainland China! Some great acrobatic footage, hard Qigong, Jet Li, and some Druken Boxing. Although the film has kung fu in the title many agree that Contemporary Wushu is being represented. A good flick with some cool acrobatics and two person sets.


3. The Last Real Ninja– A fascinating piece about Takamatsu Toshitsugu “the last real Ninja” and Dr. Maaski Hatsumi’s teacher. A nice look at some traditions of the famous Ninja (whom still have our imaginations captured).


2. New Frontier Chinese Kung Fu Shaolin Temple– A cool look at the Shaolin Temple from a Chinese TV station.



1. Fists of Fire– Shaw Brothers documentary in English featuring David Chiang. This is a great piece of history dealing with the Kung Fu films at Shaw Studios and we get to see some famous and beloved actors and actresses. Watch this!!!!!!