Dear fellow Kung Fu movie fans,

If you are like me then you really get excited when you discover something new ( for yourself)!  Thanks to Sifu Frank Bolte and his You Tube Channel we as fans can watch Kwan Tak Hing as Wong Fei Hong in the black and white serials! These films are truly gems ans showcase some authentic Hung Gar and in some of the scenes if you pay close attention you can see a young Lau Kar Leung as a stuntman. These movies are really a great piece of history and in my opinion stand the test of time. Also, in the fight scenes we see authentic Chinese Kung Fu! Even though many will credit Bruce Lee with being the first to showcase real kung fu on the screen, I believe these movies and other black and white movies showcased real Kung Fu years before Bruce became an international idol. If you are interested check out Sifu Bolte’s channel (some of the Wong Fei Hong movies have subs and some don’t). Be sure to check out the recommendations as other users have Wong Fei Hong black and white serials as well!



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