Old School Kung Fu film fans rejoice! Here’s another way to view the classic Kung Fu films we love!!!!

Breaking News: Celestial Pictures, the owners and distributors of over 750  remastered Shaw Brothers films, has begin uploading Shaw Brothers titles to the iTunes store here in the United States!!!!! HD prices are $7.99 and SD prices are $5.99! The movies are in Mandarin with English subtitles.  Some of the titles that are currently in the store include Heroes of the East, New Shaolin Boxer, Savage Five, Vengeance, Five Shaolin Masters, and Shaolin Prince, with more on the way!  Visit the iTunes store and check out what the Celestial Pictures has to offer!!!!

Check out this link to see what Celestial Pictures has to offer us Kung Fu film fans!!!!

Old School is coming back!!!! Until next time…stay in the Film Fan Dojo!

PS The iTunes store doesn’t have a “Shaw Brothers Collection” in the action adventure section yet, so if you are looking for a movie search under the title. For example, search ” 36th Chamber of Shaolin.”