Happy Monday! Welcome to the Dojo News Round Up! Let’s get right to it and see some of the happenings in the martial arts movie world.

Comingsoon.net is reporting that Jean Claude Van Damme himself will have a substantial role in the remake of his 1988 movie Kickboxer. This is huge news to that movie since both Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins are now off the project and director Stepehn Fung also has exited. Van Damme will bring some old school flavor and a big name to the project. Read about more of the details here.


Timeout Hong Kong has an interesting interview with Rise of a Legend director Roy Chow. He discusses what he wanted to do with the character Wong Fei Hung, why he choose Eddie Peng to play the kung fu movie legend, and more. Rise of a Legend premiered in Hong Kong on November 27th.


golden cane warrior

The very promising Indonesian Martial Arts movie The Golden Cane Warrior released an official trailer. It is a costume period movie and it looks like it going to be good. Check out the trailer here.


Get ready as the Dojo Podcast returns this week with a very special guest: John Kreng. John is a multi-talented fight scene choreographer, film historian, stunt man, actor, martial artist, and author of the very informative Fight Choregraphy: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue. He gives us an education of the art of fight choreography as well as some cool stories and insights. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday for part 1 of the Dojo Podcast featuring John Kreng. If you are not familiar with John check out his demo reel and you will remember him from some of your favorite movies.

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