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Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 9 with Sifu Cliff Kupper and Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff


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Hey there listeners! We have another cool edition of the Dojo Podcast with special guests Sifu Cliff Kupper and Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff. On today’s podcast we discuss the upcoming Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 9, Black Panther vs Batman, The Martialist, Toxic avenger 2 and 3, kung fu movies (of course), and more. Thanks for tuning in to the Dojo Podcast! Please view the links below for some cool footage and information from our guests, friends, and supporters. Thanks!

Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff in action

Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff’s Website

Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff and Michael Jai White Toxic Avenger 2

Sifu Cliff at past Expos

Various Demos at past expos



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Sifu Cliff’s Chinese Kung fu and Karate Expo 9 (it’s going to be great click on banner for more info)


For cool kung fu and action movie inspired artwork (perfect for the man room)