Dojo Podcast: Grandmaster Oso Tayari Casel


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Oso Tayari Casel is a martial arts master with over 40 years of training in various martial arts: Shaolin Kung Fu, Kupigani Ngumi, Tai Chi Chuan, weapons, just to name a few. Grandmaster Casel was a noted tournament competitor who not only performed in forms competition but was known for his fighting ability and being ranked among the top ten black belts for over 10 years. His famous match with “Little” John Davis (with over 19,000 people in attendace at Madison Square Garden)  was highlighted on ABC Wide World of Sports! On the podcast we discuss some well known and not so well known black tournament competitors, Kung Fu movies, African Martial Arts, his famous fight with “Little” John Davis, traditional martial arts vs MMA, The Black Kung Fu Experience, and so much more. Listen, enjoy, and prepare to be educated on this edition of the Dojo Podcast featuring Grandmaster Oso Tayri Casel*.

* This short intro cannot do justice to the career and legacy of Grandmaster Casel so in addition to the links below please visit the following for more information:

Grandmaster Oso Tayri Casel Martial Arts Academy

Old School Oso Tayari Casel

Soke “Little” John Davis

Beyond Martial Arts

The Black Kung Fu Experience

BLVD Warriors

For more info and footage of Oso Tayari Casel please visit his You Tube page.

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