Hello fellow kung fu film fans and welcome to our NEW feature : Dojo Podcast. 

We will be discussing kung fu and martial arts films, martial arts, and whatever else comes to mind. I hope that you enjoy this new feature of the site.

On our first Dojo Podcast I speak with author, Kung Fu expert, and fellow Old School Classic Kung fu movie fan Shannon Roxborough about a range of topics including Shaolin Temple, Kung fu training in China, Wu Dang Temple, and of course Kung fu movies. This serves as a follow up to his most recent post in The Wandering Sage section of our site. He is passionate about martial arts and this proves to be an interesting conversation. He can be reached at  Chinesetao@aol.com


The opening and closing track of the podcast is courtesy of 1OOprOOf of soreelflix.com. Go check him out and support the great work he is doing.

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