Black History Month continues with our latest Dojo Tribute:

 Master Carl Scott


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 Hardcore kung fu fans know Carl Scott! The young man with the babyface and the awesome kung fu skills set the kung fu movie fan-world ablaze with his impressive and swift techniques. Carl Scott was excellent at forms! One of the best opening sequences in any kung fu film was, arguably, in Kung Fu Executioner. Carl’s work with the nunchaku, double sticks, and his kicks was magnificent.

Carl Scott was discovered by Ng See Yuen ( man does he have an eye for talent) while he worked as an extra on Bruce Lee: The man, The myth. No doubt, Ng See Yuen like his youthful energy and his ability so Carl was cast in Last Strike aka Soul Brothers of Kung Fu. Last Strike starred Bruce Li, Lo Mang ( Five Venoms), and Ku Feng! Carl got to showcase a little kung fu in the movie and had a memorable fight with Ku Feng near the end. The film that captured the most of my attention  was Sun Dragon aka A Hard Way to Die. Carl teamed up with another young skillful martial artist Billy Chong in a movie which showcased both their talents.

Carl studied martial arts since he was a kid and has an impressive martial arts background studying various styles of Kung Fu  as well as Kenpo. Although Carl doesn’t have the mainstream recognition of more famous African-American martial arts stars from the classic era (namely Jim Kelly and Ron Van Clief) he has amassed a worldwide group of fan due to his skill, enthusiasm, and entertaining fight scenes he performed. He also made history as one of a few black men to be prominently featured as the hero in Hong Kong kung fu movies of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The Film Fan Dojo salutes Carl Scott and thanks him for his hard work, dedication, and his amazing performances in the Kung Fu movies.

Carl Scott Filmography 

Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth (1976)

Last Strike (1977)

Sun Dragon (1979)

Kung Fu Executioner (1981)


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