One of the pioneers in Black martial artists appearing in Hong Kong kung fu movies is the “Black Dragon” Ron Van Clief. Mr. Van Clief  appeared in 1974’s Tough Guy, known in the US as The Black Dragon alongside Jason Pai Paio  marking the first appearance of a black man that was a hero in Hong Kong kung fu movies. Mr. Van Clief is also a legend in the martial arts world with numerous tournament wins to his credit. He is also the founder of his own system Chinese Goju after years of studying various martial arts disciplines such as Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aiki-Jitsu, Arnis de Mano, and others.  For a more in depth look at his background click here.  Grandmaster Ron is also the teacher of “The Last Dragon” Taimak!

Ron thrilled audiences with his spectacular screen fighting style as well as his real life fights. The Black Dragon even competed in a full contact event in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Van Clief  proved he still had the fighting spirit when he faced Royce Gracie at UFC 4 at age 51! The Black Dragon is still active in the martial arts world to this day at age 71 years of age. He is a true warrior, pioneer, and role model for potential action stars, martial artists, and people who want to overcome negative circumstances in their lives. The Film Fan Dojo salutes Grandmaster Ron Van Clief for his accomplishments, martial spirit, and his dedication to the craft he loves. I look forward to meeting Grandmaster Van Clief at The Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 9(it will be another dream come true)!

Ron Van Clief is The Super Weapon

Ron Van Clief Hong Kong Filmography

Tough Guy aka The Black Dragon (1974)

The Black Dragon’s Revenge aka Death of Bruce Lee

Way of the Black Dragon

Kung Fu Fever

Ron Van Clief  on his UFC 4 appearance

Wu Tang Collection: Black Dragon Marathon

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