The holiday season is on us! Do you have a kung fu film fan in your life? Are you a kung fu film fan? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then this is your luck day. Check out some of the cool stuff is this post that will have the fu-film fan in your life kicking like Hwang Jang Lee on Christmas ( or whatever you celebrate). If you haven’t done so yet, go view our Dojo Scrolls part 1 and 2 for gift ideas in the reading realm.


Just in time for the holidays! If you are or you know someone who loves old school kung fu movies and video games then this is the perfect gift! Creator Jae Lee has outdone himself and crafted a game with great graphics, game play, a unique story. Lucky for us it comes out this Monday! Visit this link and buy the game!!!!


If you fancy comics with a kung fu theme then go over and pick up some copies of Master Never and the Flow of Death. Written by Clarke Illmatical and illustrated by some of the best artists in the world Master Never is a cool gift that promises (and delivers) a good read, action, and a fun-filled ride.

Speaking of digital comics go check out World’s Deadliest another great digital comic with a martial arts theme. Writer Jesse Grillo, illustrator Sam Kressin, and Josef Rubinstein created a great comic with stunning artwork, visuals, and a great story!  A must have!

lone wolf and cub

Like manga? Then check out Dark Horse’s over 700 page manga of one of the most believed stories in martial arts cinema Lone wolf and Cub. Imagine reading this with some hot chocolate on your holiday! Follow this link and get your copy ( or your loved one).


Want a good film based on a real life legend? Check out one of Toshiro Mifune’s finest performances (really he does not  have a bad one) as famed swordsman Miyamoto Mushashi in Samurai Trilogy. Great acting, tense showdowns, and even some Zen wisdom make this one of the finest films of the 20th century.


For our Bruce Lee fans grab  The Bruce Lee Premiere Collection from Shout Factory. This blu-ray collection boasts Way of the Dragon, Fists of Fury, The Big Boss, and Game of Death. Nice holiday gift!

police story 1 and 2

Want action, stunts, furious fight scenes? Grab this blu-ray of two of Jackie Chan’s best performances and the movies that helped transition the action in Hong Kong  films (and the rest of the world’s). Pick up the combo pack for Police Story I and II. See Jackie in his heyday.


There are many more gift ideas for the kung fu movie lover these are some examples of the vast products available to us martial arts film fanatics. Please feel free to recommend some in the comments section. Until next time…enjoy you fu!