Modern American action films are finally beginning to recognize the value of female action leads. 2017 saw the release of DC Comics premiere heroine Wonder Woman. With its phenomenal success and critical acclaim other movies companies are trying to follow suit. The Dora Milaje stole the show in Marvel’s Black Panther, The Wasp kicked ass in Ant Man and The Wasp and a very powerful Captain Marvel is slated to make her big screen debut in 2019. While it may seem as if we are finally getting to see skilled women kick butt on screen, Kung Fu movies have always showed women with major physical skills!

We at Film Fan Dojo appreciate the American Action Film genre and its attempt at inclusion of women as the leading ass kicker ( it is long overdue and still not enough in our opinion) but we absolutely crush on Asian Action Cinema and the great quality and variety of female action heroes ( especially in Hong Kong Cinema of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s). This is volume one of our tribute to the hard working actresses and stuntwomen of the Asian Action Film industry! This is our Kung Fu Krush!