Marvel Entertainment seems like it is hitting on all cylinders. Black Panther dominated the box office in it’s debut, Avengers: Infinity set a record for opening weekend at the worldwide box office and the Marvel-Netflix collaborations have re-kindled action superhero TV.
One of the best examples of the potent Marvel-Netflix relationship has been Luke Cage. When Season 1 premiered September 30, 2016 it literally broke the Internet. Marvel’s first African-American super hero made waves in the Season debut and fans ate it up. Luke then made his transition to The Defenders to fight The Hand alongside Daredevil, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.
Yesterday Netflix released the trailer for season 2 of Luke Cage (which is set to debut June 22, 2018) and it is lit! Luke seems to have a new “in your face attitude,” old threats and some very dangerous new ones. As comic book and action TV show fans check out 5 things we are looking forward to in Luke Cage Season 2.

5. The Return of Mariah and Shades


The combination of the unstable crooked politician Mariah and the cool, but cunning Shades is a potent threat to Harlem and Luke Cage. What do they have up their sleeves this season?

4. The Possibility of Heroes for Hire


In The Defenders we saw Luke and Danny get to know each other a bit and their TV dynamic. Could we get at least 1 episode where they team up and set the stage for an eventual Heroes for Hire mini-series?

3. Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm


The last time we saw Misty she was recovering in the hospital after getting her arm chopped off by Bakuto’s sword rescuing Claire the Night Nurse. Danny mentioned that Rand industries may be able to help her and in Luke Cage Season 2 we are going to see Misty’s bionic arm. In the comic Stark Industries manufactured her arm, but we are eager to see how this makes an already tough as nails Misty Knight even more formidable (she is nobody’s side kick).


2. The episode names


Cheo Hodari Coker, Luke Cage’s showrunner, used the hip hop group Gang Starr’s song titles as inspiration for the titles of Season 1’s episodes. He has expressed in various places that the titles for Season 2 of Luke Cage will come from the hip hop stylings of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, who hip hop heads need no introduction to, we are anxious to see what titles from their classic body of work will grace our screens. By the way Pete Rock is a huge fan of comic movies and TV Shows and you can follow his Instagram here.

1. Luke Cage meets his match?


(footage courtesy of Netflix)

It is gotta be messed up when you have unbreakable skin and someone just walks up to you and beats your ass! The only other time we have seen Luke get hit like that was from Danny Rand’s Chi-powered Iron Fist. Does Bushmaster have the same type of power as Danny? If so where does his power come from? And how is he immune to bullets? Has Luke met his match? Bushmaster should be a much more difficult fight than Diamondback and may require some help from Danny, Misty and maybe even Colleen Wing!

As you can see we are looking forward to Luke Cage Season 2. If you are leave some things you are looking forward to see in the comments. Film Fan Dojo out! Peace!