Product Review- Tai Chi Qigong


Author: Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

Available from: YMAA Publications

Today’s society dictates that as martial artists (and indeed all those who seek health, well-being, and fitness) we find different ways to maintain and increase outcomes for a healthy lifestyle. Many athletes and martial artists have been searching for ways to blend the external training (calisthenics, weight training, road work) with internal methods of training. Enter the famous Kung Fu master and acclaimed author Dr. Yang Jwing Ming and his book Tai Chi Qigong. As a martial artist unfamiliar with both Tai Chi and Qi Gong, I was anxious to give this book a read and here’s my review of Tai Chi Qigong:


Tai Chi Qigong is another excellent book by Dr. Yang Jwing Wing. As a newcomer to the world of Qigong, Dr. Yang’s book gave a wealth of information concerning the different types of Qi, the nature of Qi, the theory behind why Qi is important for health, and how Qi can be applied in everyday life. Since the focus of this book is Tai Chi Qigong, Tai Chi theory is also touched upon. As a martial artist, I found the passages on Qi in martial applications very thought provoking.

The illustrations also help one understand the flow of Qi through the body and the still photos along with the arrows show one how to perform these exercises. Dr. Yang’s real-world prose helps as well. His scientific explanations help those unfamiliar with the more traditional Chinese flowery, poetic language grasp some of the key concepts of something that is complex. This book is excellent for both seasoned Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners as well as beginners looking for some information on how to begin a Qi Gong practice. Tai Chi Qigong could also function as an excellent supplement aid for one who have a Qi Gong teacher and wants to have a study guide at home


I recommend Tai Chi Qigong for both those who want to practice or even those who want to know more on Qi and Qi Gong theory in addition to Tai Chi practitioners who want to know more on how to move Qi through their bodies and generate more life essence energy.