Dojo News Round Up


Coming out of this past weekend, there has been some exciting news for the martial arts world in terms of both movies and martial sports.

Former WWE pro wrestler Phil Brooks aka C.M. Punk has inked a deal with UFC. This news story is casing quite a buzz in both the worlds of Pro Wrestling and MMA. Dana white proves once again that he knows how to make money and cause controversy. Check out the news story via the following: ESPN Mixed Martial Arts , UFC.COM, MMAFighting.Com, just to name a few. If you want to hear an interesting explanation about Pro Wrestling and the fight choreography connection please listen to tomorrow’s Dojo Podcast: John Kreng part 2. It will blow your mind. By the way, congrats to C.M. Punk for following his heart! Good luck!

Speaking of Punk, his 2015 entrance into the Octagon has spawned this challenge from the Green Power ranger Jason David Frank! Thanks to IGN.COM for breaking this story!!!

Yahoo News is reporting that the new Wong Fei Hung, Eddie Peng has become a disciple to Master martial artist and filmmaker Sammo Hung. Film Fan Dojo spoke via Facebook to Peng’s big brother Sifu Robert Samuels (another disciple of Master Hung) about what being a disciple means, he said: “we learn the art of screen fighting and stunt work from Sammo; if we work for other directors we have to get Sammo’s blessing first.” Eddie Peng joins Sifu Robert Samuels, and Collin Chou as Master Sammo Hung’s disciples! If the skill of Mr. Samuels and Mr. Chou are any indication of what we can expect from Eddie Peng we as fans are in for another screen-fighter with excellent martial arts, great acting, and creativity. Congrats to Mr. Peng as well as Mr. Samuels and Mr. Chou! They are truly blessed.

In related news check out the Hollywood Reporter’s review of Rise of a Legend. We will have our own review when a legal copy is available in the US.

Be sure to check out our very educational Dojo Podcast this week ( actually tomorrow) featuring part 2 of our 4 part conversation with the multi-talented John Kreng ( he has worked with Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Tsui Hark, and a plethora of others). He discusses martial acting, pro wrestling, Battle B Boy, and more.

Be sure to visit the Film Fan Dojo on the 13th of this month as start our “12 days of a Kung Fu Christmas.” It promises to be a fun look inside the mind of a kung fu film fan and a kung fu movie themed Christmas. Thanks for your support! Long live the FU!