Dojo Ten: Top Ten Team Ups

One of the highlights of watching old school classic kung fu movies is what I like to call the team up. The team up is when a group or duo must put aside their differences and combine their skills to defeat a total bad a**. These movies usually feature some very creative fight scenes while hyping the idea of teamwork. The Film Fan Dojo has compiled a list of some of the most exciting fu filled team up movies in the classic kung fu genre. What do you think? Feel free to add your favorites in the commentary section. May the FU be with you!

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10. The Leg Fighters- The King of the North Kick and his reluctant student must use their lethal leg skills to take down the evil Southern Ground Kick Master.

hand of deatha

9. The Hand of Death- A Shaolin student must put together a rag tag force of skilled kung fu fighters to defeat the Shaolin traitor Shih Shao Fung and his bodyguards.


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8. The Lady Constables-Two lady officers and a male officer must get back the precious night shining pearl and defeat the four bandits who stole it.

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7. Shaolin and Wu-Tang- A Shaolin student and a Wu-Tang student must put aside their rivalry to stop a Manchu General who wants to learn uses deadly trickery to learn both styles.

challenge of death
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6. Challenge of Death-A Police Captain and a gambler unite to stop a vicious warlord from buying weapons from a mysterious broker in early 20th century China.

invincible shaolin
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5. Invincible Shaolin- North and South Shaolin are tricked into fighting each other until they unify to deal with an evil Manchu General bent on destroying both Shaolin factions.


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4. House of Traps- A exiled and corrupt Prince steals a rare jade seal and places it in his house of traps. A court investigator, a secret agent, some acrobats, and a clan of seemingly harmless construction workers form a team to take out the Prince’s formidable underworld fighting forces.

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3. The Savage Five- Bandits brutally bring a peaceful village under their control until a sick acrobat, a local kung fu teacher, a woodcutter, a thief, and a locksmithbring their skills together to liberate the town.


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2. Five Venoms- The dying leader of the Poison Clan sends his last student to find his five senior classmates to make them atone for the Clan’s past sins.

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1. The Hot, The Cool, and The Vicious-A local Sheriff and a former convicted killer put aside their differences and unite to bring down a counterfeit money operation run by the Mayor and his kung fu powered disfigured Boss, Mr. Lung.