Wu Tang Wednesday

Of Cooks and Kung Fu

Directed by Ting Chung 

Action Director Jacky Chen Shao-Lung

Starring Chen Shao Lung, Chang Shan, Chia Kai, Lee Kun, Li Kuan-Chang, Wu Ma


Film Fan Dojo review:


I remember watching Cooks of Kung Fu as a kid on Martial Arts Theater on WXON Channel 20 in Detroit! Even now I enjoy this movie! I love the idea of  “Cooking Kung Fu,” as well as the whole silly plot. Chan Shan shines here (as usual) as Po Chin Chu, the ruthless man out to kill the King of Chefs. Star and action director Jacky Chen Shao-Lung makes good use of his cast and shows his acrobatic talent and his inventive invention of “Cooking Kung Fu.” There are plenty of fight scenes, slapstick humor and the ever present strict, yet caring Sifu (played by skilled stuntman Chia Kai). Grab some noodles, Goose meat and some whine and enjoy Wu Tang Wednesday selection Of Cooks and Kung Fu!


Fun Facts: Jacky Chen Shao Lung is credited with directing Tai Chi Shadow Boxing. He also plays the bad guy’s bodyguard in The Loot.