Layout aka Big Boss from Shanghai

Directed by

Pao Hsueh-Li

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Starring Chen Kuan Tai,Chiang Tao, Cheng Kang-Yeh, Sally Chen Sha-Li, Hu Chi, Shih Chung-Tien, Chin Kang, Gam Ming, Lung Fong

Action director Gam Ming

Fun facts: The great Chen Kuan Tai was the 1969 Southeast Asian Full Contact champion and a student of the Monkey King, the late Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung. Chen also was a former Hong Kong fireman! He and co-star Cheng Kang-Yeh co-starred in the Shaw Brothers classic  The Boxer from Shantung, in which they had a similar on-screen dynamic. 

Veteran stuntman, actor and action director Chiang Tao fought against Chen Kuan Tai in the Lau Kar Leung film, Executioners from Shaolin! Chiang played the traitor Kao Ching Chung and fell victim to Hung See Kwan’s (Chen Kuan Tai) deadly Tiger Claw Boxing. Chaing Tao has fought a who’s who of kung fu movie talent including Alexander Fu Sheng, Billy Chong, Ho Chung Tao (Bruce Li), Chi Kuan Chun and Jim Kelly. 

Prolific action director Gam Ming aka Tommy Lee lends his incredible talent for making diverse fight scenes to Layout. Tommy Lee has choreographed over 40 classic kung fu feature films (I am sure he did more but he is credited with 43), acted in 44 films and directed 5 films. Chances are some of your favorite non-Shaw Brothers films bear the mark of the Tommy Lee stamp!

We hope you enjoy our Wu Tang Wednesday feature Layout! Leave a comment and let us  know some fun facts you know about our beloved classic kung fu films.