Wu Tang Wednesday

Mantis Under Falcon Claws

Directed by Joe Moung-Hwa


Starring Gwak Mu-Seong,Chia Kai, Hyeon Kil-Su, Peter Chang Chi-Long, Kim Wuk

Plot: Lee Sang-do (nickname Wang-ga) is bringing over silk for the wedding of Mi-rang, daughter of the feudal lord of Yong-kang region in China. On the way, Sang-do runs into bandits of the Ma-dong gang. They take Mi-rang and the silk. After wandering around, Sang-do happens to reach the Shaolin Temple. Wang-ga works in the kitchen but he decides to learn how to fight and get back Mi-rang and the silk.However, instead of learning the fight skills, Wang-ga is only chastised by Pung-ah, a Buddhist devotee who is the cook. Meanwhile, Yun-hi, Wang-ga’s girlfriend, goes searching for him but ends up in danger. At this time,Wang-ga gets help from Ho Yub-kum, who was sent by the feudal lord. Together, they head for the headquarters of the Ma-dong gang. Wang-ga learns that Pung-ah is the greatest fighter of the time. He properly learns fighting skill from him.With the peculiar technique and fighting skill, they wipe out the Ma-dong gang. Yun-hi takes Mi-rang back to her home (courtesy of IFDfilms.com). 

Fun Facts: Mantis Under Falcon Claws features a mostly Korean cast. The Korean name for this film is  소림사 왕서방 “Wang-ga in Shaolin Temple.” The production manager for this film is none other than extra-prolific director Godfrey Ho Chi-Keung known for such movies as The Dragon’s Snake Fist, Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu and Dragon Claws (as well as many, many others). Mantis Under Falcon Claws was one of the productions of the infamous  IFD Films & Arts titles produced by Tomas Tang Kaak Yan (co-founder of IFD Films & Arts). Co-star Chia Kai, a staple of Taiwanese kung fu movies, co-starred in such classics as Of Cooks and Kung Fu, War of the Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu of Seven Steps and Dance Of Death, in addition to making an appearance in Chang Cheh’s Shanghai 13.