Welcome to a NEW feature at Film Fan Dojo. If you are not familiar with the Wu Tang Collection, where have you been? If you love old-school kung fu movies then you need to check out the Wu Tang Collection on YouTube! Every Wednesday, Film Fan Dojo will share a select title from the collection, including some fun facts about the movie, its stars, action director and more. Now, without further ado, here’s our first Wu Tang Wednesday feature, Shaolin Monkey Fist!

ShaolIn Monkey Fist

Directed by Suen Ga-Man

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Starring Chan Sau Chung, Shek Kin, Tien Fung, Chow Keung, Ma Chien Tang, Gang Jun Fat, Hon Yee Sang, Leung Gam Chiu

Action Directors

Chan Siu-Pang, Chan Sau-Chun,Shek Kin 

Fun Facts: Star Chan Sau Chung ( 1934-2020) was known as “The Monkey King” because of his mastery of the Tai Shing Pek Kwar system of kung fu. He trained many famous students, including Shaw Brothers superstar Chen Kuan Tai (who under the tutelage of Grandmaster Chan won the 1969 Southeast Asia Open Martial Arts Tournament), veteran kung fu movie actor Pomson Shi (Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow, Aces Go Places IV) and Chin Ka Lok ( former Sammo Hung Stunt Troupe member, action choreographer and HK TV star). Grandmaster Chan immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and opened kung fu schools now run by his son Chan Kai Leung. 

The lead villain Shek Kin (1913-2009) co-starred in Enter the Dragon as the evil Han and co-starred in the Wong Fei Hung serials as the lead villain battling star Kwan Tak Hing (Wong Fei Hung). Shek Kin studied various kung fu styles including Choy Lee Fut and choreographed nine Wong Fei Hung serials and four kung fu films. He  has appeared in over 550 productions! In 1996, Shek was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hong Kong Film Critics’ Association. And in 2003, he was given the Professional Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Be sure to check out the end fight of Shaolin Monkey Fist as the two master kung fu fighters go at it. It makes me really wonder if Enter the Dragon’s end fight would have been more interesting if Han (Shek Kin) was able to use more of his kung fu and given Bruce a more competitive fight. 
Enjoy the Wu Tang Wednesday feature Shaolin Monkey Fist.