Ways of Kung Fu

Directed by

Lee Chiu

Martial Arts Directors

Alan Chui Chung-San

Wynn Lau Chun-Fai

Lee Chiu (2)

Chi Kuan Chun, Leung Kar-Yan, Cliff Ching Ching, Mang Fei, Yu Tien-Lung

Film Fan Dojo Review:

Ways of Kung Fu presents a fairly standard story of a bullied kung fu student Ta Kung (Chi Kuan Chun), his tormentor, fake monk, bandit and all-around a**hole Wu Tak (Cliff Ching Ching). Ta Kung is sent from the temple to train with an eccentric kung fu master Shang King (Leung Kar Yan) and becomes a very proficient student. He, along with new friend (Mang Fei), a student of Ta Kung’s other teacher, an old drunk master, join forces to restore order and justice by taking on Wu Tak and his men.

Ways of Kung fu is a fun starring vehicle for Chi Kuan Chun who had recently departed his contract with Shaw Brothers Studios and was finding success in the Taiwanese kung fu movie industry. Chi, a real life exponent of Hung Gar Kung Fu, brings the shapes in this movie and proves that he can handle some comedy as well. Leung Kar Yan is a treat to watch as Shang King, Ta Kung’s kung fu teacher. He channels a mixture of Leung Jan (whom he portrayed in the same year in Warrior’s Two) and the eccentric, hard training teacher that we see so much in these movies. Mang Fei, sometimes called a Fu Sheng clone, does pretty well here and we can definitely see that his screen kung fu had improved. Ways of Kung Fu is a shape-filled, entertaining kung fu fest, which gives Chi Kuan Chun a vehicle to show off his comedy chops as well as his extensive Hung Gar training. This one is Film Fan Dojo-approved!